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Airplane Mode Reduces EMF Radiation Drastically & Cell Phone Exposure

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Use Your Airplane Mode Every Day to Reduce Radiation Exposure!

Most of us have heard conflicting stories about cell phone radiation exposure, and if there is any long term health risks.  There are simple tips that you can do to drastically reduce your exposure.  Did you know that turning on Airplane Mode reduces radiation exposure drastically?

EMF’s (electromagnetic field) have been shown to possibly pose health risks.  Reducing daily exposure, can be as simple as turning on that seldom used airplane mode when your at home, or the cell phone is not in use.

95% of American’s own a Mobile Phone

EMF’s are everywhere.  You can’t escape them entirely.  In fact, some of them occur naturally.  However, we can control what we have in our direct surroundings where we spend most of our time.  Considering that 95% of Americans own a mobile phone, and 77% or people have a smartphone.

Not only do the vast majority of people own cell phones, most of them obsess over them.  A research study was done that revealed that people check their phones every 12 minutes on average.  This is putting people in constant contact with EMF and cell phone radiation exposure.

Do Smartphones Increase Cancer Risks?

A recent study has shown that there are reasons why you should be concerned about cell phone radiation exposure, and potential cancer risks.  California’s Department of Public Health indicated that while more research needs to be done, “long term, high use of cell phones may be linked to certain types of cancer and other health effects.”

So, how can you decrease your risk of certain cancers, due to smartphone exposure?  One way is to put your mobile phone in airplane mode.  This prevents the phone from emitting RF while using it.

This video was very eye opening.  This is Neil from EMF Safety Zone who put out this video showcasing how putting your phone into airplane mode prevents RF energy while using it.

In his video, Neil from EMF Safety Zone looked at whether putting your phone in airplane mode can prevent it from emitting RF while using it.

Watch the full episode here, from

In the video, Neil demonstrates how smartphones emit harmful RF energy, even when it’s not used. From the RF meter readings, a smartphone could emit 4.50 volts/meter (V/m) on standby. According to the standards proposed by

Neil uses an EMF Acoustimeter to measures the peak and average EMF’s being emitted from a cell phone during normal standby mode, in contrast to when you put it into airplane (or flight) mode.

Neil talks about how smartphones emit harmful RF energy, even when you aren’t using it.

Initially in the video, Neil has the Acoustimeter placed next to a cell phone that is in airplane mode.  He said that he is completely in a non wireless environment.  The Acoustimeter barely measured any radiation being released by the phone.  It only flickered a green dot a few times at the lowest possible measurement that the the Acoustimeter would pick up.  He said that even while in airplane mode the cell phone does leak out a very small amount of radiation, but it was a very small amount.

When Neil turns off the airplane mode on the cell phone, the Acoustimeter lit up like a Christmas tree.  Basically people are walking around all day long and their cell phone is emitting radiation into their bodies.  Smartphones are constantly seeking out wifi connections, and connecting to cell phone towers.  This is occurring while your phone is not even in use.

During the test, the Acoustimeter was topping out for Peak signal strength, and 2500-5000 microwatts per square meter.  He said that this is going into a person’s body all day long, even when you have the cell phone placed on the seat next to you in the car while your driving.  This is the radiation that everyone is exposing themselves to every day.

When Neil turns the cell phone back into airplane mode the meter stops measuring any microwave radiation.  This simple test shows you that the safest way to use your cell phone is to keep your phone in airplane mode when your not using it, and only turning it on when you need to use it.

  • When airplane mode is turned on, the Acoustimeter barely registers any radiation exposure.
  • When the airplane mod is turned off, the meter shows that the cell phone is in a constant data exchange with a cell phone tower and emitting radiation into your body.
  • It doesn’t matter if your phone is in your purse or your pocket.  This radiation is going into your body all day long, while in standby mode.
  • The radiation that goes into your body goes through the blood / brain barrier and the gut / brain barrier.

Tips to Reduce EMF – RF Exposure When Using Your Cell Phone

With more and more people around the world using smartphones, the constant RF exposure is only going to increase.  Simply turning on Airplane Mode Reduces EMF Radiation Exposure quite drastically, as the video has shown.  Please share this page with your friends so they can see what a drastic different this makes!

Here are more ways to reduce radiation exposure from cell phone usage :

  • As much as possible keep your phone off your body in a bag.
  • Face the back of the phone away from you if it has to be in your pocket.  The cell phone’s antenna is in the back of the phone in  most cases.
  • Use the hands free setting when receiving calls rather than putting the phone up to your ear.
  • Don’t sleep with your phone in your room.  If you must, then place the phone as far away as you can, and definitely away from your head.
  • Don’t let your children constantly carry cell phones.  The effects of radiation are more harmful to children than it is to adults.
  • Look into purchasing cell phone cases that block radiation.
  • Turn your airplane mode on while sleeping & while you are working.
  • Turn your airplane mode on while driving a car.

Things You Can Do On Your Phone While In Airplane Mode

Many people think that their phone is nearly useless while the airplane mode is turned on.  This isn’t true!  Here are some things that you can do while the flight mode setting is turned on.

  • Take pictures
  • Shoot video
  • Listen to downloaded music and podcasts
  • Set your alarm (for those who sleep with the phone near their bed!)
  • Use your memo and notepad apps.
  • Set reminders.
  • Play games that don’t require being connected to WiFi 24/7.
  • Apple devices allow you to use “AirDrop”, which allows you to transfer your files, photos, and videos.
  • On Android & iOS devices 8.3 and newer, you can still use GPS with airplane mode on!
  • While sleeping at night, turn off your WiFi router.

So, of course at times you will need to have WiFi turned on..  In these cases you should STILL have your airplane mode on when your at home or in a WiFi area.  You will have less radiation exposure because the phone won’t be searching for bluetooth devices and cellular towers.  This still greatly reduces your exposure to EMF’s / RF radiation exposure drastically!

When you have both WiFi & Airplane Mode on, you can :

  • Browse the internet as you normally would.
  • Post on social media.
  • Use phone apps that allow you to place calls like FB messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, etc…
  • Stream your favorite movies.
  • Watch Youtube.

More Benefits of Using Airplane Mode

Promotes Better Sleep – Yes, airplane mode can help you sleep more soundly!  First of all, you won’t be getting pesky notifications during the night that is likely to wake you up.  Furthermore, being exposed to EMF radiation all night long while you sleep can affect your sleep cycle!

Airplane Mode prolongs your battery life – When your cell phone isn’t constantly searching for bluetooth devices, cell phone towers, handling notifications, etc.. your battery life is extended.  Just because your cell phone may be locked & the screen off, your phone is still working behind the scenes while in standard standby mode.

For Those Who MUST Keep Their Cell Phone On

Some people absolutely have to keep their WiFi connected.  This goes for worried parents, or people working “on call” jobs where they must be able to be contacted at all times.

  • Keep your cell phone at least 4 feet awhile while you are sleeping.  You can turn up the ring tone if you are a heavy sleeper.  There is little reason to have your cell phone within arms reach while you are asleep.  Getting in the habit of sleeping when it is time to sleep will help you get more rest, and you are more productive during the day.

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