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Fat Adapted Signs Your in Ketosis, Keto Tips to Get There Quicker

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If your new to Keto, you have probably heard of the term “fat adapted”, but are unsure of what it means and how to become fat adapted.  Moreso, you may be curious on how to become fat adapted quickly so you can burn fat for fuel and feel fantastic while losing weight quickly.

Becoming Fat Adapted

If your new to Keto, you may be thinking to yourself “Well, I think I’m doing everything right, but how do I know if I’m able to burn fat as it’s primary source?

Am I burning Ketones?

Am I burning Carbs?

What is going on?”

When you enter into Ketosis, it’s not like flipping a switch where you turn from being a carb burner, to a fat burner.  Even when your eating the SAD (Sad American Diet) your burning small amounts of fat, especially while you are sleeping (because you are in a fasted state) and  may have burned through all of your glycogen stores.

However, with the Ketogenic way of eating, we want to burn more fat around the clock.. When your sleeping, as well as when you are awake while going about your day.

Signs Your Becoming Fat Adapted (No Ketone Strips Needed!

You begin to pee a lot.  

The medical term is diuresis, and this simply means that your urine output increases.  As you eat more fat, and less carbs you will begin to notice that you have to pee a lot.  This is because your insulin level is dropping.

When your insulin drops, this allows a lot of the inflammation in your body to improve.

The Ketogenic Diet is a very un-inflammatory way of eating.  Furthermore, this is why the Keto diet can help so many inflammatory conditions.,

A lot of people during the first week of Keto will lose 5 or sometimes as much as 10 lbs.  Most of this is water weight due to diuresis, although it’s very welcome among most dieters.

Your Cravings Begin to Go Away

After a few days, your “Hangry”, “I must have some carb now”, cravings begin to go away.  You are no longer ravenous hungry, and food is not on your mind during your every waking hour.  A lot of people will realize it is late afternoon, and they forgot to eat lunch!  This is a great sign that your becoming fat adapted.

Your Blood Pressure Lowers

If you have high blood pressure, the next sign your becoming fat adapted is that your blood pressure will begin to lower.

Your Carb Cravings Diminish

A sign that you have become fat adapted is that you will begin to have fat cravings, rather than carb cravings.  You won’t be hungry for chips, bread or pasta anymore.  Instead you may begin to desire more fatty foods.

Increased Focus and Mental Clarity

A wonderful sign that you will appreciate is that you can focus much better.  When you become fat adapted, you will notice that “wow, I can focus much more clearly!”  This may take you a few days, or a few weeks, but it will come if you stick with Keto.

Consistent All Day Energy

When your body uses carbs as it’s main source of energy, you will experience crashes all throughout the day.  This is because of blood sugar spikes, and high insulin.   When your eating a fat heavy, Keto diet this is one of the many benefits that you will experience.

Your Edema Goes Away

If you had swelling in your ankles or feet, it will go away.  High insulin is one of the main reasons why people retain fluid.  So, when you become fat adapted, your insulin drops.  You will lose the water weight, and the edema will go away!

Conclusion :

You don’t need to buy ketone strips to know if your in Ketosis and burning ketones instead of carbs.  While, you can certainly purchase ketone strips if you want to know how deep into ketosis you are, it’s not a necessity.

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