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About Me


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My name is Jeff, and I’ve always been fascinated about nutrition and health.  On the other hand, I have also lived a very fast life which including drinking, smoking, and an all around unhealthy lifestyle.   How can you be concerned about health, while also living an unhealthy lifestyle at the same time?  I spent many years burning the candle from both ends, and I reached a point in my life where I had to make some life altering decisions.

This blog is about people who may have lived an unhealthy life, but are looking to turn a corner.  While, you can’t fix a broken car with an oil change, you also can’t fix a body with a serving of vegetables.  The good news is that, there are some tricks that you can help to bring back your vytality, and even erase much of the damage that you may have did over the years.

I have did a lot of self experimentation in my blog.. I’ve been my own guinea pig, after doing a whole heck of a lot of research.  I’ve treated my body like a wrecking ball, and I’ve paid the consequences.. I’ve also went through some pretty extreme measures to counter-balance my past balance with healing methods that really do work.

Please consider following my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc…  Nobody is perfect in this world, and we have all made mistakes.  Just remember that it’s never too late to  turn your ship around, and unload all of the garbage that has been weighing your vessel down!

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