Healthy Body Hacks that Work, Hiccups, Anxiety, Calorie Burn Rate

There is an infinite amount of health related material online that it is impossible to absorb it all.  Whatever, you do read you could spend countless hours just trying to figure out if there is any validity to the statements or claims being made.  While, not being a doctor myself I have gathered a list of very interesting body hacks, weird weight loss diets, and sourced to the studies that give these claims some support.

Note : I am not a doctor, so please do your own due diligence!

Healthy Body Hacks that Really Work!


Boost Your Creativity by Looking at Color Green
You can boost your creativity and brainpower by looking at the color green – Interesting Body Hacks


To Boost Your Creativity You can Look at the Color Green


There are some studies that suggest that the color green can enhance creativity in various ways. For example:


To Reduce Anxiety, You can Blow on your Thumb for a Few Seconds


Reduce anxiety by blowing on your thumb body hack
Reduce Anxiety by Blowing on your Thumb


There are some articles that suggest blowing on your thumb can help reduce anxiety by stimulating the vagus nerve, which slows down the heart rate and calms you down. However, this technique is not scientifically proven and may not work for everyone. Has anyone try this?  I would love to hear some feedback on this one, since I have suffered from anxiety over the years and will take any hack that I can get that works!

There are also other acupressure points on the hand that may help with anxiety relief, such as the flesh of the thumb near the base of the nail or the knuckle on the side of the middle finger. These points can be pressed gently for a few minutes while taking slow, deep breaths.


To Get Rid of Hiccups You Can Bend Over in a Chair and Drink Water from the Opposite Side of the Glass

This is a common home remedy for hiccups, but there is no scientific evidence that it works. The idea behind this method is that it may stimulate the vagus nerve, which is involved in the hiccup reflex. However, there are no studies that have tested this specific technique for hiccups.

Some other home remedies that may have a similar effect on the vagus nerve are gargling with ice water, biting a lemon, or smelling salts. These remedies are not proven, but they may provide relief for some people. If your hiccups last longer than a few minutes, you can try one of these methods and see if it helps.


To Increase Your Calorie Burn Rate You Can Swing Your Arms More, Take Longer Strides, Walk on Uneven Surfaces


According to some sources, the statement that you can burn more calories by tweaking your walking technique is true. There are several factors that affect your calorie burn while walking, such as your weight, pace, duration, and slope. This can result in more calories being burned.

Some trusted sources that support this statement are:


Chewing Gum Improves Brainpower?


I wasn’t sure about this body hack, but was eager to look for some trusted source material.  Here are some interesting sources that I came up with :

Chewing gum may have some benefits for your brain, such as increasing blood flow, alertness, and memory. However, the effects are not very consistent or long-lasting, and they may depend on the type and flavor of the gum you chew. Here are some facts and sources that support your statement:


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