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Coffee Enema Supplies You Will Need for Safe Liver / Colon Detox

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coffee enema supplies

Coffee Enema Supplies You Will Need for a Safe Liver & Colon Detox

Finding the right supplies is key if you want to do frequent coffee enemas.   This is especially true, if you are new to enemas in general.  My father is who helped guide me through what you need to do an enema safely.  Additionally, I spent hours of research on the subject as I gained knowledge of how the coffee helps to detoxify the liver in a way that no other cleanse can.

In my prior post I talked about the benefits of coffee enemas and how they have helped me personally on my journey to a healthful rejuvenation of my body.  My biggest fears were my sensitivity to caffeine and just the stigma in general of the whole “back door entry” protocol..  My “stigma” was quickly overcame, but had to work slowly through the caffeine sensitivity.  I found my tolerance point to be only 1 tablespoon of organic coffee per 32 ounce coffee enema (most coffee enema protocols call for 2 – 3 tbsp per 32oz of distilled water).  I went past that limit, and my anxiety was pretty intense for the next two days… So, go slow is my best advice if you get the jitters from a cup of coffee.

Ok, so let’s talk about the supplies that you will need to get.

Get a Clear Enema Bucket and Tubing

coffee enema supplies

Enema’s come in either a bag or a bucket.  Most “enthusiasts” opt for the bucket for several reasons.  One reason is that they are much easier to clean.  Hygiene is very important to keep your supplies safe from harmful bacteria.  Enema bags are hard to clean and they don’t dry as quickly.  You don’t want to give bacteria an environment to flourish, so opt for the buckets and clear tubing!

While the stainless steel enema buckets are okay, I prefer the see through (BPA Free) plastic enema buckets.  They have the ounces clearly labeled and you can see the coffee through the bucket so you know how your doing while your laying on your side and you have a tube up your butt! LOL…

Here are the supplies that you should look for :

  • BPA FREE See Through Bucket – 1500ML (48-OZ) Medical Grade
  • TWO CARRYING Handles That Can Be Used For Hanging on Hook
  • LUBRICATED Soft Vinyl Tube (60 –
  • POSITIVE-CLOSE Clamp on Tube for One-Handed Operation
  • RED RUBBER Tube (Latex) for Safe Comfortabl Insertion…

Here is the enema kit that I use!  The kit contains all the supplies that you will need for a safe coffee enema detox that will help to cleanse your liver and colon.

Cleanup Supplies

Another safety factor that you have to consider is keeping your supplies / equipment clean.  I clean my enema kit after each use and have not had a problem.

Personally, I like to run hydrogen peroxide through the tubing after each uses..  I add a few capful’s of hydrogen peroxide into the vinyl tubing as well as the rubber insertion soft vinyl tube.  I also separate the insertion tubing from the vinyl tubing so that plenty of air gets into the end piece.

Other Supplies You Will Need

A non toxic lubricant.. Personally, I use coconut oil.  Others people like to use olive oil..  Just make sure that the lubricant is non toxic because… yeah, well you know where it’s going 😉

Happy cleansing… Just remember, start off your coffee amount as less than what most coffee enema protocols ask for.  I had a bad reaction, and had some pretty severe anxiety when I went past my threshold tolerance.. I can’t drink a cup of tea, let along a cup of coffee.  I was fine up to 1 tablespoon.. In fact, it was even calming..  Very little caffeine gets absorbed into your blood stream, but a little does so if you are sensitive, just start out with 1 or 2 teaspoons.. Then try a tablespoon.. etc… etc…

Be safe, keep your enema supplies clean and happy detoxing!  Your liver and colon will thank you!

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